Saturday, 7 March 2015

Inquiry learning - WALHT ask and answer questions.

We are learning how to - ask and answer questions.

As part of our follow up from last Fridays exposure to our natural surroundings in Wattle Downs, we were then able to generate some questions about the different types of things we saw.

We set up 5 bus stop stations where we had 5 items from things we had seen or come across on our walk. We were then put into buzz groups consisting of both Room 9 and 10 students where we had cards with 6 question starters - Who, What, When, Where, Why and How. Using the items at each station, we had to come up with a question to ask about that item. 

We ended up with some pretty inquisitive questions, which is what inquiry learning is all about! 

"Who feeds the ducks at the pond?"
"Why do some ducks look different to others?"
"How come grass is green?"

We hope that the questions and ideas that have now been generated by our students will lead us further along our inquiry process! We look forward to seeing our inquiry art develop from this!

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